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Thit Sar Chi Tine

Daw Khin Moe Kha (May Thinzar Oo) loves her only son Thar Lon Kha (Ah Lin Yaung) so much and she is also predominant to him.

When Daw Khin Moe Kha finds out that Thar Lon Kha is in love with preschool teacher Moe Pwint Phyu (Nan Su Oo), she orders her confidante Kyaw Min Maung (Thar Nyi) to separate the two lovers.

Later then, this romance drama film exposes the mysterious fate they will face, the pain they will suffer, and the meaningful loyalty

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When Moe Tain (Ye Tike) comes back to his village as a man who was behind bars,
how will the villagers treat him?

And How did Ei Phyu (Ei Chaw Po), daughter of Village Leader U Ba Khit (U Win Myaing), protect her childhood friend Moe Tain by their love of childhood. How and which problems will occur in the village only by the time Moe Tain comes back? Watch the movie.

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Moe Saung Nway

This is the amusing comedy of three siblings; the biggest brother happy minded Ko Moe (Kyat Pha) who used to make jokes, the middle sister gentle Doctor Nway Oo (Phoo Sone) with a big heart, the youngest naughty teenage Saung Thazin (Su Myat Noe Oo) in the village where Nway Oo is assigned.

Ko Moe loves the most pretty lady of the village Pan Nu (Thandar Bo) at first sight,
and it becomes howler when he tries to get her love in all kinds of way.

The middle sister Nway Oo raises a clinic and cures people in the village.
There, she meets her childhood friend Yaung Ni (Tyron) and restarts their love story again.

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Agarda Kywet Kwin

In the age of communism, the prisoners from the Japanese encampment Kyaw Zaw,
Htoo Khant, Aung Paing, and Nyi Nyi were forced to carry to deliver the treasures to Japan army camp.

Those were despotically occupied by the Japanese. On their way to the camp, they ran into the battles, and thus, the friends of four had to get those treasures.

As the situation of the country was not secure, they buried the treasures at a certain place in the forest, made a map to the treasures.

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Maunt Taw Thu

KYAW HTET (ZAY YE HTET) is a professional photographer and living his life at the capital city. He comes back to his native village while his mother is sick. His mother arranges a marriage for him. KHIN MYA (NANN MYAT PHYO THINN) is a village girl who is the most beautiful around her villages. But KYAW HTET rejects her for being a village girl as he only loves the city girls. Though he would like to reject,
he has to accept the arranged marriage to plead his mother of her illness.

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